I hate suede!

by Destiney Romona
(Los Angeles)

I really hate suede! I can't touch it, see it, or think about it without going bananas... I want to lick or wet my hands when the thought of it...(sort of right now) I don't like when people touch my legs,arms, or hands. I hate to be hugged, but I give people hugs freely! I'm very ticklish and I'm 19yrs old, which I find very weird, because most people grow out of it in their teens. I hate the beach, because sand sticks to my feet and body and it drives me insane! I have other things that match with this list, I could go on for days, but now I know, that it's a disorder and I'm not crazy!!!

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Nov 18, 2016
Yeah I have this too
by: Pearl

In fact everything but the beach I agree with. I'm even almost the same age as you. When I touch suede I shake quite a lot, or have to shake it out. Someone told me this could be connected to autism.

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