I need help?!?!

by Jessica
(New Zealand)

I'm 14, and I can't stand the feel of different textures, I can't even eat an ice block or whip my noes with a tissue because of the feeling, just the touch of it makes me shiver and cringe even the thought of the feeling on my fingers makes me feel all funny, it legitimately feels as though the tissue is grinding between my teeth even though it obviously isn't, it's not only these things it could be just the feeling of paper or a certain texture anything really, I hate the feeling of wet hands touching dry hair and dry hands touching wet hair, I really don't know how it all started, I mean I'm pretty sure I wasn't born like this?

But ever since I was 7-8 I just couldn't possibly bring myself to touch some things and I really didn't understand why? I'm not even sure if I even have SPD but I have quite a few symptoms I guess? I'm not really sure how to word all this and I'm not sure if anyone can even relate to this. But would someone be able to help me out?

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Apr 14, 2015
Here to help
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm almost 14 and I have a similar problem. I've had SPD my whole life and now have a big problem with textures too. If I rub my nails against a peice of paper I can't stand it and get the chills all over. Also if I even think about it it makes me cringe. I can't really help you much but when this happens to me it helps to rub my nails (or whatever body part touched it) on a smooth surface like a desk. If there's nothing near you then the screen of your phone is good or sometimes your skin. I hope I helped a little and didn't seem totally weird haha. You can ask me any other questions you have :)

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