Impulsivity In School

I'm an OT and I work with a lot of high-functioning kids with SPD. They are in mainstream classes, but have issues with impulse control.

The teachers report that they yell out answers and don't wait to be called on and get out of their seats frequently.

Some teachers are receptive to disc o sit cushions, which I have suggested, but many feel it will embarrass the child and be hard to manage.

Do you have any suggestions for teaching children to manage impulse control?

Thanks for your help.`

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Aug 17, 2018

by: Anonymous

That's funny... the teachers are worried the Disc O' Sit cushion will be hard to manage and embarrass the child? How is the impulsiveness any easier or less embarrassing? ;0) Like Dr. Phil would say... "How's THAT workin' for ya'?"

Ok, seriously... other strategies besides the discs. Heavy work activities, fidget toys, weighted items, and deep pressure activities before, during ,and after seated desk work. Also a child with SPD should be following a sensory diet to help keep him calm and regulated at home and school. Compression clothes (such as weighted vests) are good too and can be worn under their regular clothes.

You will also find many ideas and resources in the following articles:

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Hope these help. Let us know!

Apr 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

A question for OT practitioners who evaluate children. Do you qualify children and/or provide SDI for children who are impulsive? I think sensory strategies can help but do not want o necessarily/incorrectly ID his issues as SP rather than he is impulsive.

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