Teacher Resources: Helping Kids With Sensory Processing Disorders In A Classroom Or Day Care Setting

Are you looking for teacher resources to help children with Sensory Processing Disorders optimally function within a classroom setting? Then THIS is it!

Attention teachers! These children NEED your help, compassion, and support...now, more than ever! THANK YOU so much for investing your precious time in trying to do just that. I sincerely appreciate YOU, your dedication, support, understanding, and commitment. Together we CAN positively change and affect the lives of children with special needs everywhere!

As a mom, as a parent of a child with a sensory processing disorder, as a very close friend of a teacher, and as an Occupational Therapist who has worked in schools, daycares and preschools, I have seen and truly understand the amount of patience, dedication, self-control, and knowledge your career and "life's work" demands of you. I applaud you for doing and handling so well one of the toughest jobs a person can have!

If you have the time (which I know is scarce) to browse through my site, you will quickly see I am extremely passionate about educating parents, children, teachers, and other professionals about sensory processing disorders (what used to be called sensory integration dysfunction). Part of my "life's work" is being a "teacher" as well; helping as many people as possible to understand the daily struggles a child with sensory processing disorders has to deal with and how best to help them.

It can be so difficult to deal with and watch some of these children as they try desperately to function at home or school. My heart goes out to them AND you.

There is nothing more exciting to me (well, except maybe a Carribean vacation) than finding teachers who believe in, are educated about, are understanding, validating, open to suggestions, and incorporating sensory integration theories into the daily life of children within their classroom.

For example, I was OVERJOYED to find out my daughter's current fourth grade teacher not only knows about sensory processing disorders, but truly believes in, and uses, some of the core concepts and "treatment" ideas in her classroom every day! One of her favorites is giving the students gum to chew during high concentration tasks and tests...which will help keep any child calm, alert, and focused.

I completely understand that sensory processing disorders are just ONE of the MANY "special needs" you have to deal with every day. Thank you so much for supporting these children with sincere effort and an ever- increasing understanding. Trust me, you ARE appreciated! (Even my daughter appreciates it to a degree that is almost incomprehensible to most).

So, no matter where you are on the "learning curve" of truly understanding the concepts behind sensory processing disorders, I want to help you find the best resources possible.

If you ARE new to this theory as a way of understanding and explaining children's emotional and behavioral issues, then I say thank you for opening up your mind to new possibilities. Thank you for taking a sincere interest in helping these often-challenging little "chickadees".

If you are NOT new to this, I thank you too for the amount of educating you have done for yourself on this. I know YOU have taken the initiative because it is still not commonly diagnosed (unlike ADD, ADHD, CP, Autism etc.) The more we educate ourselves and others, the more we can help.

So, here is my gift to you as a thank you "present". Below you will find my personally hand picked selections for YOU. Teachers and day care providers have a special, unique role in the lives of these children. I want to help you make the best of it!

Therefore, besides the most important "for-everyone-articles" on my site (i.e. the ones on the left of the page on the navigation bar buttons), I want to give you specific articles and resources which I have extracted from my website that would be PARTICULARLY USEFUL FOR YOU, my idols... our teachers!

Naturally, depending what age group you teach and how much you already know, you may find some articles/resources more useful than others. But, I wanted to provide you with the most comprehensive list I have so far... a one-stop-shop. (Also, remember the web address, https://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/teacher-resources.html since I will be adding more as I get them.)

Lastly, remember these 5 things:

  • Do NOT take recess away from a high energy child for misbehavior. The movement experience is what will help them sit still, focus, and remain calm. Try ANY other consequence (please). Make them wash the blackboards, clap the erasers, empty the trash, carry heavy books and organize the room, etc.


  • ADD and ADHD are look-alike disorders, but the treatment is VERY different. And, in my opinion there are a lot of children misdiagnosed and put on medication which will not address the real underlying causes of their behavior.


  • Sensory Processing Disorders are neurological disorders, not psychological.


  • If you have concerns about any child, find your school's Occupational Therapist to discuss it or have the child evaluated (with parental consent of course)


  • If you are new to this sensory processing disorder "stuff", one of the best books to get is "Questions Teachers Ask About Sensory Integration." (you can find it at my bookstore... see the link below)


    I truly hope you find these resources helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution to proper child development; socially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Take care of yourself and our little "gremlins".

    (Do not be afraid of clicking around on the resources that interest you... this page will stay underneath anything you check out and close out so you can easily return.)

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