Sound Therapy

by Davina
(Moray, Scotland, GB)

First,I would like to say 'what a fantastic site'! My 11 year old son has just been diagnosed with SPD, and suddenly the reasons behind all his behaviors are very clear.

We live in Scotland where I had never heard of SPD and no one really seems to know how to treat it! A behavioral psychologist recommended sound therapy. What is it and can I provide it at home? How does it help? I have been told that my son mishears a third of every sentence he hears.

I'm desperate to learn how I can help him, life has been such a struggle for him, he has managed really well and I have fought for his whole life to get someone to believe that anything was wrong, people just thought I didn't discipline him!

I want to try and make up for the 11 years of learning that he has missed out on before he starts high school. He also has speech problems and sight problems although no one has explained them to me yet. He desperately wants to be able to communicate and understand what's going on at school just like his classmates can, of course!

He just wants to be 'normal'. Will his hearing ever be just like mine?

The SPD Help Line Answers...

Thank you so much for the compliments about my site... much appreciated!

Ok, first, I wonder... who diagnosed your son with SPD? Was it the behavioral psychologist? What experience does the person who diagnosed him with SPD have regarding sensory integration theories and treatment? How did he diagnose him? What kind of evaluation tools were used? Have you been to, or heard of, Occupational Therapy? Here in the United States, and generally world wide, it is an Occupational Therapist trained in sensory processing disorders who would officially diagnose this. What are your son's specific concerns?

When you talk about speech and eye sight problems, as well as not hearing a third of what is said to him, and the fact that he has been diagnosed with SPD, it makes me wonder... are these issues actually what we call visual processing and auditory processing disorders? This is at the core of many, many kids with SPD. They can "hear" ok and "see" ok, they just can't process what is seen or heard. Does that make sense? I would highly recommend looking up information on the internet about these two areas of dysfunction. The two disciplines, besides the OT, that you should seek out would be a

developmental optometrist and an audiologist or speech-language pathologist. They will better be able to assess and diagnose any visual or auditory processing issues, especially as they relate to SPD. And it is indeed important to have this done!!

Also, to truly help you understand what may be going on with him, I HIGHLY recommend a book called The Mislabeled Child. This book will REALLY help you understand his many issues, make sure you are getting the proper diagnoses, and give you specific strategies to help him. I would also get your hands on some of the basic books about SPD...

Now, about the "sound therapy"? Did you mean sound therapy literally? Or are you talking about what they call Listening Therapy? If it is sound therapy, I do not know enough about the specific programs he is referring to. So, I can't really comment on that... if you can find out, let me know so I can learn more. If it is, rather, a listening therapy program, of which there are several, these do indeed work well with our SPD kidddos! The one I am most familiar with and have seen much success with is called Therapeutic Listening. I would talk to the psychologist about what program he wants to use. And ask HIM how it would help specifically.

Additionally, I want you to be able to talk with other parents of children with SPD, including those with visual and auditory processing disorders. So, I HIGHLY recommend you join over 1,200 other parents who have gone through/are going some of the same things you are. They can help tremendously with validation, education, resources, and compassion. With that many in there, there may certainly be someone from your neck of the woods!! I hope so! If there isn't... please contact Kathy Smith from, an OT who has resources and connections in the European Union (and more!). She is one of our SPD Parent SHARE Hosts and may certainly be able to help you out.

I look forward to your response to my questions... you can answer them below in the comment box. Let's see if we can get you going in the right direction. I am SO glad you are pursuing help and answers!! Your son really needs them and I am thankful you are searching for them. Your son WILL get better and WILL feel more 'normal' as therapy gets going. Don't worry... we'll get you the help you need, ok?

Anyone else from Scotland?? Let Davina know!

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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Jul 06, 2013
TOMATIS listening training
by: Aldona

Hi, I've been to Paris in July and am the first in Scotland practitioner in TOMATIS listening method. It isn't much known in the UK but in other countries, it's been declared a national complementary method significantly improving concentration, learning and auditory oversensitivity. Created by ENT professor has more than 60 years. The main idea is "gating" - listening unexpected frequency changes through bone conduction and then ear conduction. It is strengthening three muscles in persons ear. The whole process stimulates production of corticorisol.

Help people with:
-sensory deficits,
-dyslexia and other learning difficulties,

You can find my contact details on the main Tomatis website. Based in Inverness but cover whole Scotland with success.

Mar 16, 2009
Auditory Processing Disorder
by: lesley

Hi my son has just been diagnosed with APD and has Binocular Instability. I totally understand the frustrations of some of the parents and would just like to say " don't give up if you truly believe that there is some problem with your son/daughter ". I kept telling myself that my son would not purposely put himself through the stress and anxiety on a daily basis".

My son has received glasses for the Binocular Instability but we are not sure where to source learning tools to help him with the Auditory Processing? can you guide me in the right direction or recommend any therapies that may help.


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