The Mislabeled Child Book Review

It has been a long time since I have read a book like The Mislabeled Child that has fired me up in such a positive way. I don't know how to emphasize it enough... The Mislabeled Child is THE BOOK to have!

If you, or someone you love or work with, has ANY type of developmental, processing, or learning difficulties, this book will help you understand them and know specifically how to help them, like no other book!

SPD and it's related learning and behavior issues can be both overwhelming and complicated for sure! But The Mislabeled Child cleared up every bit of residual fuzziness I had! It addresses each and every major (and many lesser known & understood) hurdle our children face due to symptomology of a large variety of diagnoses. Not only that, but it takes each learning style and related behavioral symptoms and helps us understand the TRUE root cause. It will literally change the way you think about your child's struggles and take you through SPECIFIC strategies that will help improve learning and behavior.

The Mislabeled Child is BRILLIANT! It is written by two amazing & passionate neurologists for whom I have the utmost respect; truly! Their aggressive research and clinical work at their clinic, The Eide Neurolearning Clinic, in Edmonds, Washington has brought us the critical information which has been needed for so long. FINALLY, you will understand the differences between a large variety of learning and behavioral challenges, backed up by research and proven concepts written with parents and professionals in mind.

Through their reader friendly style (not technical jargon) and unique voice, you will see your child, a child you work with, or yourself in a whole new light!  The Mislabeled Child is a book of hope, validation, reassurance, and promise like no other.

Here's some of what you will find in this book (taken directly from the Table Of Contents):


  • Gone In Sixty Seconds: Memory Strengths And Weaknesses
  • Overlooking The Obvious: Visual Problems In Children
  • What? Huh? Auditory Problems In Children
  • The Communication Gap: Language Problems In Children
  • Making The Right Connections: Autism and Autism-Like Disorders
  • Mixed Messages: Sensory Processing Disorder
  • It's As Easy As ABC... Or As Hard: Dyslexia In Children
  • Handwriting And Hand-Wringing: Dysgraphia In Children
  • When The Numbers Won't Add Up: Math Problems In Children
  • The Midas Touch: How Giftedness Can Cause Learning Challenges In Children

    The Mislabeled Child is thorough, research based, written in a way any parent or professional can understand, unique, inspiring, and creates hope and incredible understanding. It looks at the above problems, such as auditory, visual, attention, dysgraphia etc. in a way you may never have understood before. Each chapter is 40-50 pages, so it is a very comprehensive book.

    Not only do the Eide's help the reader understand the "what", "how" & "why", but they hand you the tools and specific strategies you will need to make a huge difference in any child's life. Your child will finally be understood, properly diagnosed, and provided with everyday strategies to help them learn in the way they do best. Success will happen.

    The Mislabeled Child  is opening doors never imagined until the Eides's brain-based research enlightened us. An individual's unique learning style, true processing abilities/disabilities and behavioral symptoms explained and finally understood!

    On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 15!

    Thank You Dr's. Brock and Fernette Eide... you are bringing hope to so many!

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