Hi my son is 2.5, shows a lot of signs of SPD, he's constantly moving, a very picky eater, rarely responds to his name,and is extremely ticklish.

He is a very happy child though,always smiling and happy, significantly delayed in speech, and is receiving speech,special education and OT every week.

Does this sound like he might have it, or do u think it is possibly Autism? He shows good eye contact though,and is very social so I was thinking it sounded more like SPD?

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Jan 18, 2009
SPD? questions
by: Anonymous

Since your son is only 2 1/2, I'm wondering what type of information you have that leads you to believe he may have SPD symptoms. This web site offers a check list that may help you, or you could take a look at other charts and checklists that would lead you in the right direction to a health care professional and possibly an occupational therapist that can help you.

If your child is receiving speech services, this person should be able to get you connected for the help you need. Please check out the book "Sensory Secrets - How to Jump Start Learning in Children", or The Out of Sync Child, The Out of Sync Child has Fun, etc. There are other web sites and places you can research on the symptoms checklists so that you have some info to back you up w/ his symptoms ~ then start advocating for your son.

Do you have early childhood programs in your area that you could get him into when he turns 3? I'd highly recommend that your him and for support for yourself. If he is receiving speech services, the agency where he is serviced out of should be able to help you get connected w/ appropriate professionals that can help you. Stay positive, read alot, and GO girl! Best Wishes for your son's success...... Sue

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