"Avoidance Tactics" Of The Tactile Defensive

Here is a good example of using avoidance tactics. My daughter tells me she was in trouble the other day. I asked why and she tells me that her pencil point had fallen out of her pencil and she REALLY avoids the sharpener when ever possible (tactile defensive).

Well the class was copying math problems off the board and the teacher walks up to my daughter and asked what are you writing with? When she sees what my daughter is using she can't believe it!

My daughter decided to use the point of the pencil just to avoid the sharpener.

My daughter thought it so funny how the teacher reacted, in amazement. The teacher could not understand HOW she could be writing with a point that had fallen out of the pencil instead of asking to sharpen her pencil!

I only wish I could have been in that class that day.

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