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Looking for specific information?  Having trouble finding it?  If you can't find what you want through the SPD Q & A (FAQ's) or the Site Search, then this is the place to look! Note, this site map is broken up into 2 sections... the first, The Information Section; the second, The Product Section.

Information Section

SPD Home Page


We've/I've Been There!

More REAL Stories Of SPD Families

Comic Relief

Inspirational Stories/Poems


The SPD Companion Newsletter

The Insider Secrets Series (part I): Using SI Theory To Solve Problems At Home

The Insider Secrets Series (part II) Using SI Theory To Solve Problems At School

Using SI Theory To Help SPD Adults At Home And Work

The Wilbarger Protocol For Sensory Defensiveness

Using Social Stories For SPD

DIR/Floortime Approach And SPD


SPD Blog (What's New):

(Keep up with the latest changes, articles, information, comments, and important website and/or SPD news right here.)


SPD Explained:

Understanding Sensory Integration And Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory Integration Problems

The Origins Of Sensory Processing Disorder

Just What Is Sensory Integration?

Sensory Integration Dysfunction Symptoms


Signs, Signals & Symptoms of SPD

SPD... Through The Eyes Of Dysfunction (how does it feel?)

How SPD Can Affect Auditory Or Visual Processing

Is SPD A Real Diagnosis?

SPD Research

Auditory And Visual Processing

SPD Comorbidity


SPD/Sensory Integration Issues

SPD Help Line

Picky Eaters

Behavior Problems And SPD

Gravitational Insecurity

Oral Sensitivities

Proprioceptive Dysfunction

Sensory Defensiveness

SPD Or Food Allergies?

SPD Child In The Classroom; How To Help

Dealing With The "Unwilling" And The "Unbelievers"

Being An SPD Advocate

Special Ed Advocacy

 Sensory Strategies For The Holidays

Potty Training Kids With SPD

Songs For Sensational Kids; The Wiggly Scarecrow

Visual Processing Deficits


The Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist (all ages)

Child Developmental Checklist (ages 0-5)

Adolescent/Adult SPD Checklist (ages 12-100)

Fine Motor Development Chart (ages 0-5)

Infant/Toddler SPD Checklist  (ages 0-3)

Signs, Signals & Symptoms Of SPD


Occupational Therapy:

Step-By-Step Guide For SPD Parents

History Of Occupational Therapy

Tips For Finding OT Services

Occupational Therapy Associations (State-by-State Directory)

Diagnostic Codes For SPD Treatment & Insurance Reimbursement

Occupational Therapy Resources

Financial Help For Sensory Products And Therapies


Treatment Activities:

Environmental Modifications For SPD Kids

Play Doh Recipes

Fine Motor Skills Activities For Children

Gross Motor Activities For Toddlers

Heavy Work Activities

Handwriting Without Tears

How Does Your Engine Run (The Alert Program)

Pre-Writing Activities For Preschoolers

Scissor Practice

Sensory Diet

Sensory Room

Treatment Guidelines

Creating A Sensory Diet

Infant Play Activities 

Sensory Stimulation For Infants

Infant Fine Motor Activities

Activities For Picky Eaters

Easy Recipes For Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters Solutions

Recipes For Picky Eaters

Ten Tips To Help Your Picky Eater

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening Guidelines

Who Can Do The Wibarger Brushing Protocol?

Using SI Theory To Solve Problems At Home

Using SI Theory To Solve Problems At School

Using SI Theory To Help SPD Adults At Home And Work

The Alert Program ("How Does Your Engine Run")


Autism And SPD

Overcoming Food Obsessions In Autism

Making Learning Fun For Autistic Children

How To Show Love To An Autism Child

Autism Anxiety Overload

Activities For Autistic Children

Autism And Supplementation

Autism Resources


Related Resources:

Parent Resources

Teacher Resources

ADD / ADHD Resources

Guest Articles (Articles listed with descriptions)


Contact Us

Feedback Survey


SPD Book Reviews

The Mislabeled Child

Sensational Kids

SPD Site Search


SPD Videos

Product Section

Sensory Equipment:

(All the equipment you will need for effective therapy, listed  and linked to in one place.)


Sensory Products:

Aromatherapy Machines

Backyard Zipline

Balance Boards

Ball Pits

Beach Sand Toys

Bed Tents

Baby Swings 

Bicycle For Special Needs

Body Sox

Children's Bean Bag Chairs

Children's Playground Equipment

Exercise Ball Chair

Hippity Hop Ball

Jumper Toys For Babies


Learn To Dress Dolls

Moon Shoes

Music In Motion Roller Coaster

Nature Sound Machines

Play Tunnels

Power Paddlers

Reclining Hammock Chair

Ride On Toys For Kids

Rope Lights

Rotating Teeter Totter

Sand And Water Tables

Seamless Socks

Sensory Toys

Sit 'n Spin

Spring Bouncing Horses

Swings And Swing Sets

Tabletop Easels

Tender Tones Blanket

Toddler Toy Shopping Cart

Toy Vacuum

Unique Children's Sleeping Bags

Vibrating Mattress

Vibrating Pillows

Water Trampoline

Weighted Blankets

Weighted Vests

Wooden Covered Sandbox

Wooden Rocking Horses

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