"The Battle Of The Brains"

Here is an example of the battle of the brains. My 4 year old niece is extremely hypotonic. She only "w-sits" (sitting on inner thighs and inner calves with legs bent and feet behind you).

Well, as i am learning more and passing on the info to my sister, she is really getting on the ball with services for her daughter. So now she is in OT and my sister is discouraging her from "w-sitting".

You also have to know that my niece is one of those genius kids who will probably be the smartest person you ever meet and still flunk out of high school. Her intelligence is extremely "peculiar".

So, my sister tells her the other day "Dd, no w-sitting".

Dd replies "I am NOT w-sitting!"

My sister says, "Yes you are, please do criss cross applesauce". And soon and on it goes...

They argue until my sister says, "If you are not w-sitting, then what ARE you doing"?

My 4 year old niece innocently replies, "M-sitting!"

And sure enough, when you look down at yourself in that position, it looks way more like an M than a W!

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