Being Quiet In Church... Easier For Some Than Others!

Does your child have a hard time controlling themselves in church? Check out this short story submitted by one of our readers. 

One day in church my 5 year old was wiggling excessively and making noise.

I leaned over and asked him to please be quiet.

To this he responded by standing up on the bench and yelling


Below you will find the link to more stories from real parents, real experiences, and poems that bring out the "lighter side of SPD". Read them, laugh at them, and find humor in some of your own stories. You will get through each day a little easier! Go ahead, smile... it's going to be ok!

I want to thank all the parents who have, and continue to share humor with me, my readers, and their own families. We can all learn from you! Let's make laughter our "medicine"!

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