"Clearly Communicating!"

Here is an example of clearly communicating in an SPD kind of way. My son was recently placed in a CWC classroom and this is his teacher's first year to teach this class. 

Well, she has a special ed teacher assisting her in the classroom to do academics in the morning but, in the afternoon she is left on her own.

After the first day she asked the special ed. teacher if she could talk to her. She said that she was a little concerned about my son's behavior.

The special ed teacher inquired why, and the teacher stated that after recess and coming back to the class my son began to pace back and forth, waving this arms above his head chanting "WHAT ARE WE DOING... WHAT ARE WE DOING... I DON'T KNOW... WHAT ARE WE DOING...!!"

The humorous thing is she was genuinely concerned that my son was having a mental breakdown.

I (as well as the special ed teachers), on the other hand, was very proud of him for verbalizing that he was having trouble with the transition... but his regular ed teacher well.....

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