"Will You Dance With Me Mommy?"

Written By: Allison Moore

 "Will you dance with me Mommy?" A little girl asks with a sparkle in her eyes. "I have a pretty dress on and I want to dance with you! Will you twirl me around and around?"

 "Not right now, Baby, I'm busy, I have dishes to wash and dinner to make. Maybe Daddy will dance with you. Why don't you go ask him?"

"Now will you dance with me Mommy? Dinner is made and the dishes are washed. I have a pretty dress on and I want to dance with you." "Yes, Sweetheart, but first I need to…to… Now what was it I needed to do?"

Suddenly a vision flashes before my eyes. My little girl not so little any more. She doesn't ask me to dance with her any more. She is too old for that now.

"But I had so many important things to do!" I think I can't remember what they were, But they must have been important. Because I just couldn't take time out to dance.

I am brought back to the present by a little voice. My precious daughter asks me again, "Mommy, will you dance with me?" "Of course I will, Sweetheart."

I always have time to dance with YOU!

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