"The Executive Dining Room"... An SPD Story

YES!!! Finally, a behavior related to "Sam's" sensory issues actually has made me laugh, instead of conjuring up negative emotions!

"Sam's" performance deficits in social skills create the most problems in unstructured large group activities. For example, "Sam" cannot sit in the midst of his 1st grade classmates at picnic tables in the school's multi-purpose room during lunch without starting something... even if it is as benign as repeatedly touching the person next to him seeking sensory input.

Well, at the beginning of this school year, "Sam's" inappropriate behavior in the lunch room led to more aggressive boys on top of him, punching him in the face.

As a "temporary" solution "Sam" has been instructed to eat his lunch in the Principal's office each school day.

Last week, the Principal reminder "Sam" that he was not being asked to eat lunch in her office instead of with other children because he had done anything wrong on that day, but rather because she likes company while she at her lunch.

So, this week, "Sam" has taken it upon himself to start inviting different friends each day to join him in eating lunch in the Principal's office, because "she likes company", as if he has the keys to an executive dinning room. And, the Principal has decided that she better go along with it, because she did tell him that....

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