"Goin' Buggy"

He was in the dryer, all but his feet, trying to tape a BUG in there, "so he could dry it out".

Poor bug. He had given it a bath, because it was a DUNG beetle, for heaven's sake! He said he thought it had dung on it. *snigger* 

Ain't life grand?! Hehehehe. I suggested sun drying instead. 

I wish someone made truly childproof locks for the appliances! I am actually surprised he didn't put it in the dishwasher! 

But anyway, with us home schooling, I try to direct him to independent study now and then, so I can get things done, and you know how that is! 

The moment my back is turned, or the phone rings, he is off on another adventure. 

Oh. My. Gosh! Where is that kid mute button??? 

Why can't I freeze frame him? Hahahaha 

I get off the phone and just look at him, trying not to laugh, because he really isn't doing anything mean, or terrible, except his hilarity at putting bugs on me to make me scream... 

It's just... that I have to slip around him, catch him engaged in something, and run and try to go for it! 

I know it's like this for almost all of us. : ) My husband says he wouldn't trade places with me for anything in the world! Haha His job is easier, he thinks.

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