"10 Ways To Have More Fun At Your IEP"

1. Wear costumes. On the meeting invitation, say, "Festive Dress Required." 

2. As an equalizer, require all attendees to wear Groucho glasses. 

3. Require all attendees to bring a musical instrument. 

4. Provide refreshments: Jalapeno Cheetos, and red Kool-Aid. 

5. Invite Hillary Rodham Clinton. List her name on the cover sheet. 

6. Try this introductory exercise: If you were a color, what color would you be and why? 

7. Play background music-anything by Frank Zappa. 

8. Give everyone a set of five flash cards to be used as the mood strikes: * Who invited him?* *I love your hair! Where did you get it done?* *I’m sure we can trust that this will get worked out.* *Does the law have any bearing on this?* *Excuse me for 10 minutes while I can call my lawyer.* 

9. Have the TV in the room tuned to the Court Channel. 

10. Keep score. Give a really nice door prize to the IEP team member (parents excluded) who makes the most positive comments about your child. Award grand prize to the IEP team member who makes the most negative comments about your child - the winner gets to provide 36 hours of respite care, in their home, to your child. 

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