"Eeeeeewwwww.... I Hate That Feeling!"

My 7yo son has developed a dislike of his clothes being wet this past year. If he spills something on his shirt or pants he has to take the clothing item off right away.

Well this past summer he was swimming in the pool, got out and dried himself with the towel. I sent him inside the house. I'm still outside getting his little brother out and dried.

I come inside, but don't see or hear my son.

I go upstairs looking for him, still don't hear or see him.

I pass a window in my bedroom and... there HE is NAKED (swim trunks on the ground) on the driveway getting a drawing that he dropped when he got off the school bus.

He would do things like this several times.... get out of the pool and just DROP the swim trunks. I had to have dry clothes within reach at all times!

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