“Look mom, they (the socks) aren’t too heavy”! 

I was putting the finishing touches on my hair so we could leave. I told "Shawn" (age 3 ½) to get his socks on. 

He came back in with heavy (thick) socks and was putting them on. I said, “No you can’t wear those. They are too heavy”. 

Next thing I know he is walking around the room in circles with both arms extended outward and palms up and hands next to each other with the socks laying on top of his hands. 

He excitedly exclaimed, “Look mom, they (the socks) aren’t too heavy”! 

He thought that I meant the socks were too heavy in weight and didn’t understand I meant in thickness (because it was the middle of the summer)! 

"I am the sweeper!"

At age 11 at drama camp "Cory" is sweeping the outdoor stage. The teacher compliments him, "Cory, you are the sweeper!" (You know what's coming, don't you?!) 

Two weeks later. Dash is really steaming mad, scolding another boy loudly, trying to take the broom from him. 

"I am the sweeper!" he protestingly proclaims. The director tries to help out. 

Dash gets further incensed and upset, "But you PROMISED that I am the sweeper!" 

"My feelings don't have numbers!"

I heard a director of a school for kids with NVLD, Asperger's, ADHD talking about asking a student how upset he was. 

She asked, "On a scale from 0 to 10, how upset are you?" 

The boy pronounced with annoyance, "My feelings don't have numbers!" 

"Shake my hand with your hand"

Yesterday we were in church, the time came for the "peace be with you" section (it's a Catholic Church) 

My hubby says to "Josh" (my son), "shake my hand with your hand". 

Ryan did not understand and stood there and literally "shook his hand". There was Ryan, SHAKING HIS HAND IN THE WIND as people around us were shaking each others hands and saying "peace be with you". 

I thought this was hysterical, I mean after all he is only 3 years old. 

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