"The PrinciPAL"

My son also had an "executive dining room" moment the other day...

My son's teacher started a visual token system to help him with behavior. He gets to move a picture of his favorite thing "fans/propellers" into the reward column when he finish work etc. When he gets so many of them, he gets to pick reward, sensory activity, etc.

His favorite is to go see the principal. Probably because he gets to walk and get more time out of class. This is a smart kid! He sits in the principal office and talks to her and she usually gives a new pencil which he likes. It's a good positive reward system for him.

Well the principal wasn't in her office so he went to visit the vice principal with his friend ,"Mark", along... who was supposed to take him to the office and come right back.

Well the two boys stayed for quite a while chatting with the vice prinicipal. She didn't have any pencils so she gave him M & M candy. Needless to say that was abig hit! The teacher was trying to shush them so all the kids didn't hear about it. But, I am sure the word spread anyway!

The vice principal thought it was really funny especially since my son asked her where her tummy had gone (she was pregnant). When she said well I had my baby, he asked well, where's the picture of the baby? Just kicking back, chatting away like a grownup. He's pretty funny... She thought it was hilarious.

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