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Are you looking for SPD research? Studies, articles, abstracts regarding sensory integration theory and sensory processing disorders? Do you want access to over 1,000 articles about SPD from journals and major publications? Then this is the place for you!

If you look closely, some of the links have 10, 50, 940 articles that they are connected to. Spend some time and see if you find the information you are looking for. If you want to know... Is SPD Real? This should "prove it". Watch for new research articles and links to be added as often as I know of them! I hope to grow this page for the rest of my life... we will continually find out more!

Note: Some of these are full articles, some abstracts that give you the option to see the full article, and some are just the abstract or citation that will summarize the studies and findings. In some cases, if you need the full article, you may need a trip to the library, or some other online source that gives you access to these journals. 

(Also, do not be afraid to click around and check out as many as you want because this page will stay open underneath anything you go to from here)

  • Parasympathetic functions in children with sensory processing disorder

  • Abnormal white matter microstructure in children with sensory processing disorders

  •  Physiological and behavioral differences in sensory processing: a comparison of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Modulation Disorder

  • The Effects Of The Use Of The Sensory Room In Psychiatry

  • Is There A Link Between SPD And Substance Abuse?

  • Sensory Integration In The Brain

  • Multisensory Processing And Oscillatory Activity

  • Atypical Motor And Sensory Cortex Activation In Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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  • Occupational Therapy Using A Sensory Integrative Approach For Children With Developmental Disabilities

  • Sensory Integrative-Based Occupational Therapy And Functional Outcomes In Young Children With Pervasive Developmental Disorders: A Single-Subject Study

  • Effects Of A Weighted Vest On Attention To Task And Self-Stimulatory Behaviors In Preschoolers With Pervasive Developmental Disorders

  • Effects Of Sensory Integration Intervention On Self-Stimulating And Self-Injurious Behaviors

  • Sensory Integration Therapy: Affect Or Effect

  • Hyper-Responsivity To Touch And Vestibular Stimuli As A Predictor Of Positive Response To Sensory Integration Procedures By Autistic Children

  • Influence Of Sensory Integration Procedures On Language Development

  • Sensory Modulation Dysfunction In Children With Attention-Deficit–Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Issues And Applications Of Sensory Integration Theory And Treatment With Children With Language Disorders

  • Sensory Processing Problems In Post-Institutionalized Children: Implications For Social Work

  • Modulation Of Early Sensory Processing In Human Auditory Cortex During Auditory Selective Attention

  • The Pharmacology Of Hippocampal Theta Cells: Evidence That The Sensory Processing Correlate Is Cholinergic

  • Watching The Brain Switch Off 'Self'

  • Turning Sensation Into Perception

  • Study Finds ADHD Improves With Sensory Intervention

  • How The Brain Tunes Out Odors

  • Study Shows Combination Of Sight And Sound Helps Adults Learn Basic Visual Tasks More Rapidly

  • Scientists Learn How The Brain 'Boots Up' To Process Information From The Senses

  • Study Provides New Insights About Brain Organization

  • Brain Can Be Trained To Process Sound In Alternate Way

  • Sensory Modulation Symposium for Occupational Therapy In Mental Health

  • Sensory Processing Issues Associated With Asperger Syndrome: A Preliminary Investigation

  • Corticothalamic Feedback And Sensory Processing

  • Information Processing Deficits Associated With Developmental Coordination Disorder: A Meta-Analysis Of Research Findings

    Comparison Of Sensory Profile Scores Of Young Children With And Without Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Parent Reports Of Sensory Symptoms In Toddlers With Autism And Those With Other Developmental Disorders

  • Prevalence Of Parents' Perceptions Of Sensory Processing Disorders Among Kindergarten Children

  • The Neuropathology Of Developmental Dysphasia: Behavioral, Morphological, And Physiological Evidence For A Pervasive Temporal Processing Disorder

  • Sensory-Processing Sensitivity And Its Relation To Introversion And Emotionality

  • Sensory Rooms In Mental Health

  • Somatosensory-Motor, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Emotional Processing, Preemie Articles, And More (58 articles to choose from!)

  • Emotional Control Circuit Of Brain's Fear Response Discovered

  • Multisensory Spatial Interactions: A Window Onto Functional Integration In The Human Brain

  • Sensory Issues In Asperger Syndrome And Autism

  • Comparison Of Sensory Profile Scores Of Young Children With And Without Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • The Effects Of Occupational Therapy With Sensory Integration Emphasis On Preschool-Age Children With Autism

  • Comparison Of The Performance Of Children With And Without Autism On The Sensory Profile

  • Sensory Processing Disorders In A Learning Disorders Clinic

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