Sensational Kids: The Hope We've All Been Waiting For

Below is the Sensational Kids Book Review. Did you know Dr. Lucy Miller is the ONLY full-time researcher for Sensory Processing Disorder? We are so very fortunate that she has decided to write this book; the culmination of 30+ years of clinical practice and research. I applaud and thank her!

The Sensational Kids Book Review:

FINALLY! A book I can hand my family, friends, and any professional, which proves SPD is REAL!

AT LAST, they will understand; we can finally say...

"We are not making this up."

"We are not bad parents."

"We HAVE the research."

"Please take the time to read and understand this so you can understand my daughter."

"Please stop blaming her and rolling your eyes each time she struggles to deal with, or "over-reacts" to the input she is receiving."

It is PROVEN! It is REAL! Sensory Processing Disorder exists!

Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and Doris Fuller, do a beautiful job presenting the information in this book in a way that talks "simpler" for parents and more "technical" for professionals all at the same time. Parents will be able to utilize real, everyday explanations, examples, and strategies to learn how best to help their child (shhh... it's "A SECRET" ). And professionals will understand why saying "there is not enough research to officially diagnose SPD, is so 90's". You can be proud to hand your child's pediatrician, psychologist, teacher, or therapist this book and know that they will finally hear you and want to help!

It is crisp, clinically based, research based, deep, and genuinely heartfelt!

As YOU read "Sensational Kids", you will feel the pain that these children and parents have gone through. In fact, when you get to the section that takes you through a "day in the life of" the children who suffer one of the three types of dysfunction, and it is describing YOUR child, you will probably need some tissues...I know I did.

The pain and struggle is real, and it is happening because of a world that does not yet understand. But, Dr. Miller leaves you feeling the joy of hope. NOW we will see the revolution. NOW we will have a research based toolbox to use with our children and in our own communities! The hope is here. Finally!

This is it...the new "must-have" book for Sensory Processing Disorder! I was truly sad when it ended... I wanted more, I longed for more, I just couldn't get enough. I can't wait until "Sensational Kids 2"!

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