"Shirts Are Not For Chewing!"

Oh gosh I just have to laugh here... my ever so oral daughter did not like gum either... She used to chew her shirt sleeves horribly at school....

Funny story, I was watching the Packer game today, and was ready to scream...instead I had put my sweatshirt into my mouth. (not sucking it, just between my teeth) and my now 7 year old daughter said "Mom, you shouldn't chew your clothes." Before I could explain that I had it in my teeth but wasn't chewing or sucking, she came up and pulled it out of my mouth and handed me her chewie (which she hasn't used in 2 years but still has on the "fence" by the door)...

LOL What a kid.

Chewy Tubes - Chewy tubes help children to keep from chewing on their hands and crayons and and help them focus and for practicing biting and chewing skills.

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