"What If I Was The Next American Idol?"

My house has just been full of funny moments this week! I'm still laughing about this today, so I had to share it... 

Tuesday night, when watching American Idol, a contestant that didn't make it used a curse word, so they were censored. Well, if any of you have seen it, the censor is the "AI sign" over their mouth.

"Aaron" sees this and says, "Mom, when I say 'stupid' (which is what he thought they were saying, I guess), does my mouth do that?" LOL! He looked at me SO concerned!

My husband was laughing so hard, I thought he was going to cry, and he doesn't do that!

Anyway, I told "Aaron" that will never happen to him unless he is on TV and uses bad words; because I wasn't sure how to explain it to him otherwise.

It really is amazing how their little minds perceive things, isn't it?!

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