How Do You Know What The BEST Baby Swing Is For Your Little One?

Looking for the best baby swing? Then you have certainly come to the right place.

What makes any of the baby swings become the BEST infant swing? It's simple... affordability, practicality, durability, safety, and the type of soothing sensory input it provides for your little one.


Now, let's talk specifics...


Any top loading baby swing will certainly be the easiest to get your baby in and out of with ease. These are particularly important for infants who are lulled to sleep by the gentle swinging motion, then need to be gently transferred to their crib without waking.

Practicality is absolutely unmatched with the tabletop and easily transportable infant swings. My opinion...this has got to be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century! A swing that you can take anywhere place your baby in anywhere, that sets up in a snap, and one in which you can sit with your company and talk, while still keeping an eye on your baby (right at the dinner table if you must; or how about inconspicuously on the floor at church or in a meeting?) THAT easily qualifies as the BEST baby swing!


Certainly there are many, many times when you "get what you pay for". Generally, the more "features" it has, the higher the cost. So...the key is to get the most for your money. (Don't worry, I will help you with that!)

There are just so many fun and/or necessary items to buy for your infant. Clearly, besides the crib, diapers, car seat, and clothes, a baby swing (for many children) is an absolute necessity! This is particularly true for "colicky" infants and babies who show early signs of sensory processing disorders. (Click here for a complete and comprehensive list of sensory processing disorder signs and symptoms!)

If your infant has difficulties soothing himself and only seems to fall asleep while in motion (i.e., rocking, gently shaking, with vibration, in a car or stroller), then affordability will be completely relative! Truly, how could you put a price on the one practical item that will guarantee to soothe your fussy infant and simultaneously free you up to do what you want (or need) to do?

So, the best baby swing will be affordable relative to its features and invaluable use. But, know that I truly have tried to find you the greatest baby swings at the lowest prices!

Durability And Safety:

Not too much to worry about here. Manufacturers have certain standards and requirements they must meet. If you buy new, you will have a durable and safe baby swing! (Although, there ARE sometimes recalls, so be watchful of those). My advice? Don't get one at a yard sale (unless, truly that is all you can afford)!

Sensory Input:

I am going to be so bold as to say, EVERY child needs a baby swing. From a sensory perspective, there will be children who crave this motion to soothe themselves, and there will be children who cry in fear and abhor this motion.

In either case, they need to be provided this type of vestibular input. For children who need it...great, give them as much as they want. For children who fear it...not so great, but you must help them get used to this type of motion. It is critically important in their sensory development. So, your best bet will be to gradually introduce it to them as a form of "therapy".

Many of the baby swings also come with other sensory stimuli...for some children it may be too much, for others it is just what they need. You decide what is the best and most tolerable for your child. If over stimulation appears to be a problem, then get the simplest of swings. Also, consider the material your baby will be sitting in...the softer the better for the BEST baby swing!

Well, I have taken into account all of the aforementioned factors and found the BEST baby swings I could find for you. Enjoy these infant swings I have found for you. You decide which one fits the criteria you are looking for! Your baby will thank you in the only way they can...soothed, happy, and perhaps even sleeping!

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