A Bicycle For Special Needs: Now Your Child Can Ride Safely And Confidently With His Friends

Finally, a bicycle for special needs!

Many times children with disabilities miss out on activities their peers enjoy. Well, not anymore... these bicycles may be the perfect solution for this little dilemma!

No more standing/sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else ride bikes and having fun. Now your child can join in the fun too with a bicycle for special needs!

No more excuses, there are bicycles for everyone!

Difficulty with balance and motor coordination?

Then the 3 wheel bicycle is for you. They come in all sizes and varieties; from toddlers, teens, to adults. These bicycles are stylish, yet include the features necessary for ease in use, maneuverability, and power.

If coordination difficulties are so severe pedaling is not a viable option, then there are even bikes that offer synchronized hand/foot pedaling which provides both passive and active exercise.

Is positioning a problem?

Then a bicycle for special needs will solve this dilemma! Bicycles for individuals of all ages, weight, and disabilities. These bikes have straps, back supports, adapted pedals, etc.

Whatever your need, it is available for you. Many of these accessories are even sold separately so you can put them on regular off-the-shelf bicycles.

In a wheelchair?

No problem! A bicycle for special needs is made so you can go along for the ride in your wheelchair or sitting in a special seat, both of which are attached right in front of another adult's bike.

Why not make someone else do all the work while you feel the cool breeze on your face and enjoy the scenery ;0). Or, how about a bike operated by hand controls so you can do it yourself!

Is muscle weakness/endurance the issue?

You guessed it! No problem! Special mechanisms are built into some of these bicycles for easier pedaling. You can choose from hand controls, hand and foot controls, or electronic devices which keep the bicycle going at a constant speed ( 6 mph, for example ) for the tough hills or when your stamina is falling short.

Soon you too will be riding with the best of them!

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