Childrens Bean Bag Chairs: The Ultimate In Proprioceptive Input And "Crashing" Comfort

Remember how much you loved childrens bean bag chairs when you were a kid? There are some good reasons for this.

These chairs are the ultimate in comfort, enveloping and hugging your whole body as you sink into them. The bean-filled soft fabrics these children's bean bag chairs come in now are even more comfortable than the plastic vinyl you may be used to.

Not only is the filling creating nice even deep pressure input throughout your entire body, which is quite soothing, but the plush fabrics are irresistibly soft (and fashionable)!

Deep pressure input is the name of the game... this IS why these chairs are so important for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder. They need this input to help calm their bodies. If they are doing a sedentary task, such as watching a movie or reading, they will still be receiving calming and soothing deep pressure throughout the activity if they sit in a childrens bean bag chair.

Trust me, high energy kids and children with sensory modulation difficulties need these bean bag chairs to help them sit still! (I sure wish this is what they could sit in at their desks at school!)

The good news is, there are bean bag chairs for all ages and sizes. The ones shown below are CHILDRENS bean bag chairs. However, a more advanced bean bag chair, which also comes in much bigger sizes for kids and adults is called a "foof bag". The fillers in these chairs are even more durable and comfortable. They do tend to be a little more expensive, but are WELL worth the money!!

Teachers... Parents... Therapists... Childrens Bean Bag Chairs Are A Reasonably Inexpensive Way To Keep Your Children Calm!!

Put these kids bean bag chairs in every room you can think of where they will be doing quiet, less physical activities. Put them into a play tent or play hut where they go for a sensory controlled space to relax. Or let them sleep with one on top of their lower back (If old enough, as safety would be an issue for younger kids, we don't want any suffocation!)

Additionally, children's bean bag chairs can be used for "squishing" your kid...which they LOVE!! Have the child lay down, put the bean bag chair (s) on top of them, then put as much even pressure on your child as they want (pushing with your body or forearms on the bean bag chair). It may sound strange, but, trust me, they will beg for more; it is so calming for them!

Or, have them pretend they are a turtle and crawl around on hands and knees with the bean bag chairs on top of them... a great deep pressure and heavy work activity combined. See how long they can go without it falling off! Put objects with weight in the bean bag chair for even more pressure.

They are also a safe place to run and crash into! Many children with Sensory Processing Disorder need to crash hard and often. Let them, they need to! This is a wonderful and safe way to do it!

Use your imagination and children's bean bag chairs can be a wonderful tool for your child's sensory needs!

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