"It's Summertime, Summertime,Sum, Sum, Summertime..."Help Your Kids Enjoy It Even More With Childrens Playground Equipment!

Do you have a backyard? Do you have a child under 12? 

Then you 'gotta have childrens playground equipment!

Are you just starting your search for your toddler? Are you looking to replace your existing outdoor toys? Or are you in for an "upgrade" ?

Then you have come to the right place my friend... lucky you!

Ah, but there are so MANY to choose from:

  • outdoor playground equipment
  • indoor childrens playground equipment
  • plastic playgrounds
  • wooden swing sets and climbers
  • endless varieties of plastic climbers; all different shapes and sizes
  • an indoor or outdoor playhouse
  • a playhouse with slide attached
  • small, medium and large swing sets
  • children's playhouses of wood or plastic

    Need I go on?

    AND, so many questions to answer about childrens playground equipment:

    -  "Paper or plastic ma'am/sir"... oops, I mean WOOD or plastic?

    -  How much will my child/children REALLY use their childrens playground equipment?

    -  How much money do I want to spend?

    -  How much room will my childrens playground equipment take up? Is my backyard (or basement, for indoor equipment) big enough?

    -  How will I get this big thing here, and how on earth will I assemble it?

    -  How durable is it? Will it last? Can it hold my child's weight?

    -  Are the "extras" worth the extra cost? (i.e. steering wheels, electronic phones, telescope, etc.) in childrens playground equipment

    -  What is my child really fascinated by, so I make sure that particular thing is included in my childrens playground equipment? (i.e. when you go to a public playground, what are their favorite things to do/play with?) Is it the swing, the climbers, the pretend car, the slide, the fort, the tunnels, ropes, or monkey bars...

    -  Will my childrens playground equipment be durable enough and have enough variety to it so I will only have to make this big purchase ONCE? (i.e. will it "grow with my child")

    On, and on the questions go...

    How do I know? Because I TOO have been there! I know I can't answer these questions FOR you (sorry, wish I could) about your childrens playground equipment, but they are important questions to think about. If you haven't already asked yourself these questions then you might want to do so before (or during) your search through the HUGE variety of childrens playground equipment choices online.

    OK, so, there is one thing we, as parents (or grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, day care providers etc.) can all agree on one thing... KIDS CRAVE MOVEMENT EXPERIENCES AND NEED TO BE ACTIVE!

    Using childrens playground equipment is going to be HOW CHILDREN:

  • learn
  • stay physically active and get physically fit
  • develop motor skills and coordination
  • learn to play by themselves or with friends
  • use their imagination
  • explore their environment and the things their bodies can do
  • master developmental tasks and build self-esteem

    THESE MOVEMENT EXPERIENCES (which we refer to as "heavy work") ARE ESSENTIAL TO A CHILD'S NORMAL DEVELOPMENT; PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND SOCIALLY. But, I am sure you already knew that didn't you.

    Just a side note: If you have found this page on my site because you have a child who has a sensory processing disorder, (if not, but you are wondering if your high energy child does, then click here ) please understand that it is EVEN MORE CRITICAL your child has the proper outlet for their energy!

    The children's playground equipment I have selected, which you will see below, is what I believe to be some of the best and most essential sensory integration equipment there is (and hopefully the most affordable for you)!

    If they are HYPERSENSITIVE, use this playground equipment to gradually introduce them to various movement experiences. If they are HYPOSENSITIVE ( click here to understand the difference ), use this playground equipment to give them the extra movement (and "heavy work") experiences they need and crave. Either way, your child WILL benefit... become more adventurous, or become calmer!

  • OK, so now that you have begun to answer some of the aforementioned questions AND you know some (just some) of the many benefits of playground equipment , let's explore the children's playground equipment options available!

    Below you will find the best playground equipment I could find for you... the highest quality for the best prices! Just think of me as your "personal shopper". I am truly hoping the variety you see below will help you in your decision as to what is BEST for your child (oh, and that you can AFFORD).

    I know it is a big decision, and in some cases a big investment (although, truly, I have found some very affordable ones!)... but, REMEMBER THE BENEFITS AND THE FACT THAT THIS MAY BE A ONE TIME PURCHASE WHICH WILL LAST THROUGH YOUR CHILD'S ENTIRE CHILDHOOD (they ARE built for that).

    Oh yes... I forgot one of the GREATEST benefits of childrens playground equipment! Trust me on this one, I saw it happen with my own child and I remember what a GREAT feeling it was! All of a sudden your child will be at that "magic age" when they don't have to be as closely supervised or played alongside of anymore. You look out your living room window and there they are, happy as can be!

    (Boy, there was many a day that I felt silly as an adult at the playground crawling through all those little tunnels, down the slides, across the rope walkway, on the swings, etc. and wondered if they would even support me!)

    It is amazing to see. They are now entertaining themselves for what seems like hours (and sometimes is) pretending, playing, climbing, jumping, sliding, and imagining! Yeah, that's right, BY THEMSELVES! You know what THAT means don't you? Yup, MORE "YOU TIME"!

    Now you have the freedom to do what YOU want with YOUR time. Yes, I know, you may have to cook dinner, do the laundry, or help your other child with their homework, etc., but, you may also have time to sit and read a good book with your feet up and the occasional eye on your child.

    (Please don't confuse this with unsupervised play that is not age appropriate or could be "environmentally dangerous"-- i.e., busy roads, strangers approaching, near a pool, no fence around the yard, etc.)

    The bottom line is this...you truly will "get what you pay for" when it comes to childrens playground equipment. The more it has, the better quality it is, the better it will be long term. (But, I have tried to keep financial limits in mind!)

    So, take that all in and let this knowledge give you the power to have FUN choosing the best childrens playground equipment for YOUR kids!

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