SPD Parent Sara Ann Denson Publishes "Christmas Turtles"... A Beautiful Holiday Story You Don't Want To Miss!

"Children's book illustrator Tara McMillen seamlessly collaborates with children's book author Sara Ann Denson in "Christmas Turtles", a gentle picture book story showcasing the love a grandmother has for her grandchildren through a shared celebratory experience.

Four very curious children discover the magic and love that are part and parcel of the family Christmas experience on their Grandmother's farm that ranges from gathering pecans from the ground to helping their grandmother in the kitchen prepare them as a Christmas treat, and then finally enjoying the warm chocolate and pecan candy treat as their 'Christmas Turtles' for the whole family. Christmas Turtles is a wonderful addition to the growing library of Christmas themed picture books that can be read and enjoyed all year long!" 

- The Midwest Book Review

"This is a delightful Christmas tale about family, love, sacrifice, and sweet things."

- John L. Hoh, Jr. at Book Ideas.com

"Christmas Turtles is a beautiful story of a grandmother's love for her family. Inspired by true events, author Sara Ann Denson, tells the tale with such detail you feel like you were there."

-  Link Up Parents.com


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