Finally... The "Gift" So Many Parents Have Been Looking For... Easy Recipes For Picky Eaters!

  • Looking for a night without dinner table battles, tears, whining, "I don't like that!", and "I'm not eating that!"?
  • Looking for quick recipes and ideas the whole family will love (even your pickiest eater) so you can enjoy a nice family dinner together having cooked only ONE meal?
  • Looking for some great recipes for your "texture sensitive" picky eater, so they will eat more than 3 things?
  • Looking for the easiest way to get a wide variety of nutritious foods into your toddler or young child?

  • As I have said before, dealing with MY picky eater sure wasn't easy! Believe me, I understand what you are going through, the solutions you are looking for, and I truly want to help! When you are dealing with those picky eaters, you will need some extra patience, great resources, and creativity! It is surely one of those energy draining parenting issues. You will need some easy recipes for picky eaters in your toolbox!

    So, let's look at the extremes (believe me, I've seen both!)... There is the strictest of authoritarian parents who may say, "You WILL eat whatever is put in front of you, no matter what, because I am the parent and I make the rules!" The picky eater may react in one of several ways:


  • choking, gagging, and spitting up the foods he dislikes or can't tolerate.
  • forcing himself to eat it out of pure fear of parental consequences.
  • refusing to eat it; screaming, crying, throwing food or a tantrum, etc. and going to bed hungry ("those are the rules, after all").
  • they may even develop a true eating disorder later on, or "failure to thrive" early on.

    The parent will likely develop a controlling, fear-based relationship with their child. And long term consequences may be evident in both behavior and eating habits/issues. Then, there is the most lenient of the permissive parents who may say, "It's o.k. if you only eat cookies and coke for dinner, SOMETHING is better than nothing!" The picky eater may consequently:


  • learn they can eat non-nutritious foods whenever they want without consequences.
  • figure out THEY are in charge instead of the parent (which is not a pretty picture, trust me).
  • realize they can manipulate any situation to get what they want.
  • develop a true eating disorder later on, or "failure to thrive" early on
  • The parent will likely develop an unhealthy, stressful, "no-control-over- their-child's-behavior" relationship with their child and become overly accommodating and eventually fatigued by their child's demands, behaviors, tantrums, etc. Long term consequences may occur in both behavior and eating habits/issues.

    Of course, most parents/children fall somewhere in the middle. Neither extreme is healthy or palatable. Worse, yet... they may oscillate between the two styles, or be in a situation where one parent deals with it as the "permissive parent" and the other, the "authoritarian parent". This inconsistency leads to even further difficulties!

    The picky eater "phase" may result from many factors. The two most common causes are:

    1. the "normal" pursuit of independence, individualization, and control over one's environment... usually begins around age 2 or 3.

    2. "abnormal" sensory processing leading to oral defensiveness (including aversion to certain tastes and/or textures)... often found in children with sensory integration dysfunction, developmental delays, oral motor issues, and/or individuals who were on prolonged restricted diets, respirators, tube fed, or endured invasive oral procedures.

    The first, a pursuit of independence, if dealt with properly should be a phase which will pass in almost all situations. To help the "phase" pass quickly, good parenting skills should help! The second, oral defensiveness, if dealt with properly should also become a "phase" which will pass in most situations. An Occupational Therapist or Speech Pathologist and a good sensory program will help! FINALLY! EASY RECIPES FOR PICKY EATERS...

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