Helping Baby Sleep: Unique Products With Soothing Sounds... Vibrations... And Pure Relaxing Comfort For Your Little One!

Trying endlessly to find strategies for soothing a "colicky" baby and helping baby sleep?

Then, you my friend, have stumbled across the best information and products you can get! Believe me, I have been where you are now and I will give you all the help you need!

Relieved? Good, you should be.

You know, I put the word "colicky" in quotes because COLIC is not always to blame. I truly believe it was once a much more medically based term. Now, I think it is overused and somewhat misunderstood as we, as parents, have generalized it to mean ANY "fussy" baby.

Did you know the dictionary definition of colic is "acute abdominal pain"? Yup, that's right, it is about abdominal pain, not "behavior". Truly, I don't want to get into a big explanation or debate, but, I will further define colic as they do in the medical books. It is a "symptom complex" of significantly frequent bouts of crying, abdominal pain, and irritability. It does say it can be of intestinal OR unknown origin. Certainly medical issues MUST be ruled out if your baby is frequently in distress. Once those are, relax and know that this too shall pass.

Now, for those little ones who continue to have significantly apparent "uncomfortableness" beyond medical issues, I propose a new theory to you... Sensory Processing Disorders.  If your child is hypersensitive to sensory input, trust me, it WILL cause distress, significant sleep problems, and difficulties with being able to soothe or regulate themselves. Children with sensory processing disorders are INFAMOUS for difficulties getting to sleep!

(Take a few minutes to browse through my site for seemingly endless information on this!)

Do you want to know if your child shows signs of a sensory processing disorder?  Then check out the extensive Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist! Or, more specifically, you will want to read, The Infant/Toddler SPD Checklist too.  Now, back to the "helping baby sleep issues"...

As I told you, I have been there! Was my little girl "colicky"? Well, in the truest definition yes. She WAS allergic to formula, she DID cry more than most, she DID suffer a lot of abdominal distress from gas and air in her little belly. (Poor Kid)

BUT, she was ALSO hypersensitive to MANY types of sensory input. The abdominal distress WAS SOLVED EVENTUALLY (once we got her on an "already- partially-digested formula"). But, we were still left with a fussy baby due to sensory issues. Take some time to read my "I've Been There" page to see how much I can relate to your difficulties! This my friend, is where I come in to help you. (Since I am an Occupational Therapist, not a Doctor)

I want to share with you some of the best "helping baby sleep" products I have used, friends have used, or that I have come across knowing that they WILL work, based on sensory integration theories. I want you to know I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANY OF THE PRODUCTS BELOW.

It is truly my goal and mission to help all of you as you struggle to deal with some of these frustrating parenting challenges. I am here to educate, to support, to validate, to offer hope and solutions. I honestly hope this is what you find in the products below, the information within this site, and the specific information I have directed you to.

Finally, the "helping baby sleep resources" you are longing for! (Feel free to click on any picture for more details or price information, and no need to worry, this page will stay underneath the pages it takes you to so you can check out as many as you want!) First... It's not hard to imagine why the "mother's heartbeat toys" work so well for helping baby sleep! Imagine spending the "first nine months" of your life with the sound of your mother's heartbeat echoing in your little ears. The womb was a very comfortable place to be. I don't blame infants for the loud burst of crying they let out when they are born!

Now, they are bombarded by thousands of new and different sensory experiences. Can you say, SYSTEM OVERLOAD? But, how peacefully they will drift off to sleep swaddled up in a blanket on mom's chest. Ah, the familiar sound of her heartbeat and her voice. Back to their old comforting "happy place".

Unfortunately for baby, mom can't hold their little one's 24-7, so a surrogate may just have to do. What better than a soft, plush Tender Tones blanket, teddy bear, or lamb which emanates the sound of mom's soothing, rhythmic heartbeat for helping baby sleep!

(I personally used a heartbeat bear with my daughter... it worked wonders for many months of naps!)

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