Use Learn To Dress Dolls, Toys And Boards To Teach Critical Fine Motor Skills

Help children learn to zip, button, velcro, buckle and tie with learn to dress dolls and toys. They are one of many fine motor skills activities for children which will teach them basic, foundational dressing skills that they need. These are fine motor skills that must be mastered!

Without these dressing skills, children will not be able to meet appropriate developmental milestones and become independent in dressing themselves. These fine motor skills are also the foundation for later skills they will need for tool manipulation, handwriting, and activities which require the proper development of the intrinsic muscles of the hand (the small muscles that allow for fine, precise and coordinated hand and finger manipulation).

These dolls and toys are one of many strategies for improving fine motor skills. Children with developmental delays and/or sensory processing disorders often have difficulty performing fine motor tasks such as dressing skills. Their muscles may have poor endurance and poor tactile discrimination leading to early muscle fatigue and poor coordination.

With this comes frustration and battles over getting dressed. Children may spend hours upon hours trying to get it right only to become angry and lose self-confidence, or they may give up trying right away and become dependent on others to perform these skills. In either case, proper development may not be achieved.

The idea behind these fun learn to dress dolls, toys, and boards is to give them the practice they need without the pressure. It is also easier to learn these fine motor skills such as zipping, tying, buckling, snapping and buttoning when the article is in front of them instead of on them. This will allow them to master these dressing skills and build their confidence. THEN, they will be ready for the REAL thing.

Learn to dress dolls, toys, boards and puzzles are FUN! Children will hardly know they are actually developing important skills. It is a great way to challenge them and they will enjoy doing it.

Check out these great "learn to dress" products below. Just click on the product to find out more details and pricing information.

Help your child master these critical fine motor skills, and have fun doing it!

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