Get Bouncin' With Moon Shoes And Anti-Gravity Boots!

Moon shoes and anti-gravity boots are the perfect way to get mini trampolines attached to your child's feet so he can bounce his energy away. They are definitely cheaper and safer than a big trampoline, while giving the same effect.

We all know those children, the ones who jump on anything they can possible get to... the couch, the bed, trampolines etc. They need to bounce and get the heavy work/proprioceptive input that jumping provides. Why not give them an appropriate and safe way to bounce with these awesome anti-gravity boots.

If you have never seen these shoes, let me try to describe them to you. They are worn right over your shoes, surrounding your feet with a durable shatterproof plastic and seriously strong rubber bands that attach to the sides and the platform you stand on. (See the picture below) Once they are strapped on, bouncing is the name of the game!

Your child can go anywhere with these shoes or boots, jumping his little heart out without the danger of falling off a trampoline. Truly, it is like wearing trampolines on your feet.

If you have a high energy child, or want to provide a fun, energetic outlet and heavy work activity for children at home, school or in a therapeutic setting, these bouncing shoes or anti-gravity boots are a must have! They are an absolutely fantastic tool to use before sitting down to do a concentrated task. A "must-have" precursor to sit down work! Trust me, you will notice a difference in their level of concentration!

The proprioceptive input (input to the muscles and joints) these shoes and anti-gravity boots provide, is an essential ingredient for so many children with Sensory Processing Disorder. They can be used to give them the input they need and crave, or be used for those who are fearful of this type of movement, with a slow and gradual introduction.

Whatever your need, these bouncing shoes can be a backbone piece to any successful "therapy" for children with sensory processing / sensory integration disorder. Actually they are even for children who just want to have some good bouncin' fun!

Get your anti-gravity boots today and save your mattresses for sleeping! Who knows, it might even stop those "... will you please STOP and just sit still for two minutes!" comments you say every day.

Stop them from bouncing off the walls, and create a more relaxed child with moon shoes and anti-gravity boots. Give them the input they need! Give yourself the peace of mind.

Just click on the pictures below to check out and/or purchase these great moon shoes or anti-gravity boots. Oh, the fun they will have!

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