Give Your Toddler A Thrill With The Music In Motion Roller Coaster!

The Music In Motion Roller Coaster brings the fun of an amusement park ride right to the convenience of your own home. What a fantastic ride-on toy for toddlers! 

When we talk about indoor roller coasters we're talking vestibular input. This is, as you might recall from my other articles, input that helps children tolerate and integrate their sense of movement in space.

Children with sensory processing disorders will benefit greatly from this Music In Motion Roller Coaster in two ways. For the under sensitive child, they can never get enough movement. They are the movers and shakers, the thrill seekers. You know the type, don't you?

They will spend hours on this toy... let them, as they NEED this vestibular input to stimulate their nervous system, which ironically, keeps them calm. This roller coaster ride may just be the best gift you could give them. Give them the input they crave with Music In Motion Roller Coaster!

On the other hand kids who fear movement, the oversensitive child, will also benefit immensely from this toddler indoor roller coaster. They will be afraid at first, and will need to be gently introduced to this toy. Over time, they will slowly be able to tolerate sitting on it, moving a little with a lot of support from you, go a few feet, and eventually ride all by themselves.

The Music In Motion Roller Coaster, in turn, will be one of the most fun and invigorating toys to help your child tolerate and integrate movement input. They will gradually lose their fear, develop self-confidence and give their sensory system the experience it needs to develop appropriately.

I can't stress enough how important it is to develop a nervous system that tolerates and receives enough vestibular input. It may not seem like a big deal if they don't like it, or can't seem to get enough of it, but it is. We need to help these children develop an appropriate and properly functioning nervous system. The younger the better, as their sensory system is still developing and malleable.

So, give your child the movement experiences he needs with a Music In Motion Roller Coaster! They will benefit greatly and have so much fun doing it (some right away, some not until they get used to it).

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