Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Resources

The Gift Of Understanding!

Finding good parent resources when you have a child with a sensory processing disorder can be challenging.

Living with these kids day in and day out can be as well.

No need to get overwhelmed, you have found the right place, with the right resources, just in time! (At least, I hope it's not too late.)

There is help, there is hope!

First, I must say this... THANK YOU! Thank you for wanting to help your child. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to explore sensory processing disorders and educate yourself on its signs, symptoms and consequences. Thank you for caring enough to do that. And, lastly, thank you for being a supportive and understanding advocate for your child! Whether they can express it or not, they appreciate YOU. And so do I! Second, I must say this... I have a very special place in my heart for you, as a parent of a child who may be struggling with a sensory processing disorder (whether mild, moderate, or severe). You see, I too have been there; right where you are today (as you may, or may not have read on my I've Been There page).

As a mom, I understand the daily struggles of being a parent--plain and simple. Being a parent is just simply one of the toughest jobs anyone can do! I commend you for all of your hard work.

Then, specifically, being a parent of a child with "special needs", makes a tough job even tougher. I applaud you for the extra time, effort, commitment, understanding, and patience this role demands of you. You are truly a special gift to your child, as your child is to you.

Now, I also want to give YOU a gift! I understand how overwhelming, tedious, and time consuming it can be (hopefully exciting at times though) to find the information you are longing for so you can finally help your child, yourself, and your family. So, I truly want to simplify this for you!

Do I think it is important that you read as much information as you can that pertains to your child? Of course...that is WHY I have made this website (especially the pages listed on the navigation bar "buttons" on the left side of every page).

However, there are a select group of articles and resources scattered throughout this site that I feel would be PARTICULARLY useful for parents. I don't want you to miss them, if applicable to you, and I don't want you to spend more time than you need to (after all, time is a precious commodity these days).

Therefore, below you will find what I consider to be the most critical resources and articles for YOU, as a parent...all in one place. Naturally, only SOME of them will apply to you and your child, as each child is unique and each situation different.

Again, I say THANK YOU for your time, interest, and dedication to helping your child! I appreciate what you do. And remember, don't be afraid to help others understand what is going on with your child and what they can do to help.

I hope you find these resources below (and others in my site, if you have the time to browse) helpful. Together we can make a HUGE difference; even if only in the life of ONE child!

(Feel free to check back here when you have time, as I will be adding more as I get, or write, them. You can do this by saving this page in "your favorites" or writing down the web address.  

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Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Resources

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