Power Paddlers: The Ultimate In Swimming Fun For Your Active Child

Having fun in the water is all about using power paddlers!

Now THESE are cool!

A power paddler is a floating fun machine for kids of all ages. The child sits in it, grabs onto the handles, starts cranking, and off they go on a wild ride. Basically, they are paddle boats for the arms instead of the traditional foot powered ones.

Children with sensory processing disorders, or without for that matter, can't resist the proprioceptive input and "heavy work" these unique water toys provide! Swimming is already a fabulous deep pressure activity which helps to calm the over-aroused and/or high energy kid. Add to that the incredible muscle and joint input (proprioception) you get with a power paddler and you have a winning afternoon activity for sure! Your child will have a blast and be incredibly relaxed when he has worked all of his energy out.

The best part is, he just thinks he is having a grand old time, while you wait for the calm to set in. No doubt, he will burn himself out and you will both benefit!

Let your child have the time of his life with a power paddler... so much fun, so many benefits, all in one toy!

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