A Hammock Chair: The Ultimate Deep Pressure And Vestibular Therapy To Calm And Relax

A hammock chair is ideal for relaxing inside, in the yard, or on the porch!

Children and adults alike will certainly enjoy the comforting, gentle swinging motion and "all-over-body-hug" that hammocks and hammock chairs provide.

Depending on who will be using it, where it will be set up, and what purpose it will mostly serve, will depend on the type of hammock chair or hammock you will want.


There are many varieties to choose from:

  • a reclining hammock chair
  • a hammock chair with stand
  • hanging outdoor chair swing
  • rope, canvas, fabric, quilted, or parachute silk hammock
  • hammocks for children
  • baby or crib hammocks
  • cushioned single chair hammock swing
  • cuddle swing

  • Naturally, these are all great relaxation products which can benefit children and adults of all ages.

    More specifically, children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorders (also called Sensory Integration Disorders), especially regarding proprioceptive or vestibular dysfunction and basic sensory modulation disorders, can use any type of hammock as a wonderfully therapeutic tool!

    The gentle back and forth or side to side motion hammocks provide is both calming and soothing for children and adults whose bodies enjoy this type of vestibular input. IF a child or adult has difficulty with the vestibular sense, they will surely feel "threatened" by sitting/laying in a reclining hammock chair, especially if their feet are unable to touch the ground. Therefore, whether it feels good OR not, reclining hammock chairs and hammocks can easily be a GREAT FORM OF THERAPY...either giving someone the input they crave or by using it to gradually build the necessary tolerance to this type of movement/vestibular input.

    The other, more useful benefit of a reclining hammock chair or other type of hammock, is its deep pressure/ proprioceptive input . Some of the greatest swings for sensory integration therapy include cuddle swings (see picture below) and the "Airwalker". Unfortunately, finding these and affording them CAN be difficult. So, I like hammocks (made of parachute silk or other comfortable fabrics) and reclining hammock chairs as a cheaper and more-easily-available alternative!

    These can also provide calming input for children and adults who crave "deep pressure". They will give you that "all-over-body-hugging-feeling" that equals complete comfort and total relaxation!

    Children and adults with proprioceptive dysfunction, tactile defensiveness , Autism, PDD, ADHD, Asperger's, excessive energy levels, etc. will ALL benefit from some soothing, calming vestibular and proprioceptive input these provide.

    For those of you who don't have any major sensory "issues", know that the deep pressure/proprioceptive and vestibular input a regular hammock, hammock chair swing, or reclining hammock chair provides is PRECISELY the reason they ARE so comfortable.

    So, hang it in your basement, on the porch, on a tree in the yard, or use a hammock stand. Go grab a good book, a lemonade, or your relaxation CD's, and enjoy a few hours (as often as you can!) in your hammock chair. What a fantastically therapeutic tool and/or GREAT way to RELAX!

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