Use Rope Lights For A Safe, Uniquely Soothing, Visual Effect In Any Room

I would have to say, rope lights are the ONE accessory we added to our daughter's bedroom that instantly turned it into a beautiful, peaceful, calming, and soothing paradise

You see, the story goes like this...

I made a mistake, a BIG mistake! Let me just sum it up by saying... NEVER paint a child's room bright yellow if they have a sensory processing disorder! I won't go through the whole story, but, do know that I witnessed first hand the detrimental impact a busy, brightly colored room can have on a child. I always thought bright and "busy" were best. Oh, how wrong I was.

Needless to say, I finally figured out bright primary yellow walls with bright primary colored balloons was just too much visual stimulation. I then discovered that sky blue walls with white puffy clouds is much more soothing, by far!

So, "a-painting" I went. Now her room is soft, and only 2 colors. But, the REAL difference came when I decided to use blue lighting around the top perimeter of her room for a nice, soft, "night-lighting" affect.

These lights are a fantastic, practical, long-lasting, relaxing, affordable addition! They are certainly one of the safest soothing light options out there. No dangers of hot bulbs, like you find with a black light. Her rope lights became a great way to spread even, calming light through out her room. They were even easy to put up; stretching them around the top of the four walls and "attaching" them by draping them over self-stick plastic hooks... voila!

Of course, there are other uses for rope lights; the aforementioned just happens to be my favorite. Other places/uses include:

  • seasonal/holiday decorations; inside or out

  • in a sensory room; for basic lighting, or for children to explore with their hands and eyes (for exploration use as many colors as possible!)

  • in a teenager's room...just because they are cool

  • on a balcony, porch, patio, or gazebo

  • for campers, camping awnings, or canopy tents

  • So, think about any place or room you would like to soften, or jazz up a little, and let the rope lights do it for you!

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