Attention Thrill Seekers: The Bouncing... Rotating Teeter Totter Is Here!

Do you have a child that NEVER seems to stop moving? Then a rotating teeter totter may be your answer! It will give him the vestibular input his body needs and craves.

You see, some children with Sensory Processing Disorder (or without) will crave intense spinning, bouncing, and other movement experiences. Believe it or not, it is THIS vestibular input that calms and organizes them. Other children with sensory integration disorders will avoid these movements, as it feels like intense torture to their hypersensitive little nervous systems.

In either case, they NEED movement to develop properly. They either need more to help regulate their arousal level to a calmer, more functional level; or, they need more to help their nervous system respond to movement experiences appropriately (without fear, dizziness or nausea).

Whether they crave vestibular input or avoid it, a bouncing, teeter totter can help! When a "toy" is unique and fun, children can use it as an effective form of sensory integration therapy... and they won't even realize it IS therapy!

The Whirly Bounce Rider, a unique "see saw", is brought to you by one of the best manufacturers of children's outdoor toys... Little Tykes. It is a great outdoor toy for preschoolers that will help keep your active ones bouncing, spinning, and screaming for joy for hours on end.

You see, it is a "classic teeter totter with a twist". It will take your child up, down, and 360 degrees around at the same time. What a thrill!

You can quickly set your active ones free on this bouncing, rotating teeter totter, or slowly introduce it to the leery and fearful. By the way, brothers, sisters, and peers who CAN tolerate these teeter totters make great role models for those who can't. Or, you can just let your "sensitive" child tolerate and master this kid's "see saw" with a little encouragement and guided exploration. You CAN help them through a gradual introduction.

In my experience, the individuals who got the most benefit from the Whirly Bounce Rider, or other rotating teeter totters (i.e., Teeter Twirl or The Hipp Hopp See Saw), were children with:


  • vestibular sensory seeking behaviors

  • Autism

  • Aspergers

  • or ADHD
  • If you have a little sensory seeking energizer bunny, then a rotating teeter totter, such as the WhirlyBounce Rider, may be just what he needs! So, go ahead, give your thrill seeking child an opportunity for a thrilling ride!

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