End Those Morning Dressing Battles With Seamless Socks

If your child just won't keep his socks on because they "hurt", try seamless socks!

Does This Sound Familiar?...

You get into a battle with your child every morning because they refuse to get dressed, wear those pants, wear that shirt, wear those shoes, or those socks.

How about this?...

"No, mommy, no! They hurt, ouch, ouch. No, I am not getting dressed. No, I can't put those socks on. I don't care if it is winter, I don't care if my feet get cold. Ouch, they hurt, stop it!"

Truthfully, one of the greatest "miracles" in clothing design has been the increasing popularity of tagless clothes, seam less socks and tights.

You are not alone! Many people are bothered by the feeling of tags and seams in their clothes due to Tactile Overresponsivity (tactile defensiveness), but, luckily, there is a solution.

Are you interested in finding out if you, your child, or someone you know shows significant signs of Tactile Overresponsivity (tactile defensiveness), which would explain this irritation, then check out the Sensory Processing Disorder checklist.

You can also learn more about Tactile Overresponsivity (tactile defensiveness) for a more in-depth explanation.

Perhaps you... have a child with Sensory Integration Dysfunction (or, Sensory Processing Disorder, as it is now called), have it yourself, don't have other signs of sensory dysfunction but simply prefer no seams rubbing against your toes, or are a professional looking for resources so you can purchase seam less socks... then you have come to the right place.

These socks are now easily available online at pretty reasonable costs. Truthfully, I am so glad for you, because they were all but impossible to find 8 years ago when my daughter really could have used them!

Finally, a solution! End your battles over getting dressed now with seamless socks!

You will be amazed how much calmer and more comfortable your child will feel... The Complaints Will Finally End!

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