Indoor And Outdoor Swings Provide Children Of All Ages With The Vestibular Input They Need And Crave!

From infants to toddlers, children to teens, swings are an essential ingredient for fun! Children need to experience this type of vestibular input without fear to develop properly.

Swings are an integral part of sensory integration therapy, are included in every treatment clinic and should be provided at home and school. It is this rhythmic input that can calm a child and give them the vestibular (movement) input their bodies need.

I know, for many parents, one of the very first calming activities used for their infant is a portable indoor swing. When all else fails and the crying won't stop, the swing may just become your best friend. Rhythmic movement is the cornerstone to a relaxed child!

As children grow, different swings will give them the input they desire, and we have found some great ones! The best therapeutic swings are platform swings that go back and forth in one plane, but they are expensive. Did you know, this same type of movement can be achieved by glider rockers as well?

However, lets talk about the selection of swings available to you. I highly recommend, from day one, you have an infant swing available for your child. Your arms will get tired of rocking them and this movement can be quite soothing to your fussy little infant.

As they grow, you will want a toddler swing that you can hang outside and push them for hours (well, that is, if they had THEIR way). These swings come with a firm, snug fit and locking designs that will keep them safely in the swing.

As they grow some more, the sling type swings will do fine and they will enjoy spending hours in the backyard getting the vestibular input they need.

Also available are tire swings for a different movement experience. You may have seen tire swings made into animals (such as horses), which adds a wonderful uniqueness to these swings. Be careful, their friends and cousins just may be jealous!

Additionally, there are many backyard swingsets to choose from; from the simple metal ones, to elaborate wooden sets. Whatever your preference and budget, you can find what you need here.

Enjoy browsing the products below and bring the fun and calming vestibular input home to your child! Trust me, they will need it (as well as you!)

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