Tabletop Easels: A Vertical Work Surface To Improve Upper Extremity Positioning And Fine Motor Control

Tabletop easels are one of the greatest tools which will increase upper extremity strength and stability, hand and wrist positioning, and fine motor control.

When you use an easel to write or paint on, your body calls upon a whole different set of muscles and input than if you did the activity flat on a desk or table.

TRY IT OUT... Hold a book or clipboard up on an angle (45 degrees or so) with the base of the book/clipboard resting on the table. Now write something ( for example, your name and address).

Now put the paper flat on the table and write the same thing. See how different that feels?

Do it again and pay attention to which muscles you are using, how your hands, wrists and upper body are positioned differently. These differences are precisely the aspects we want to target when developing upper extremity stability and control!

Tabletop easels are a NECESSITY in classrooms, clinics and homes to help children improve vital fine motor and handwriting skills. They come in a variety of sizes, are inexpensive, convenient, compact, and are made for multiple uses.

Some of these easels have chalkboard surfaces for fun developing skills using chalk (which is a favorite of kids!). Others have surfaces for use with white board markers, "stickers" (which can be used over and over), magnets, or just to hold regular paper for writing or painting. A multi-use/multi-surfaced easel is best for addressing a variety of needs and purposes.

Help your child have fun, use creativity, and develop essential fine motor control, upper extremity stability, and proper hand and wrist positioning skills with tabletop easels (or floor easels)!

These are foundational skills that must be developed for later success!

And, the best part is, they won't even know they are "working" on them, they just think it is fun!

Tabletop easels; A MUST HAVE for children preschool age and up!

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