A Toddler Toy Shopping Cart: The Perfect Combination Of Fun And "Heavy Work!"

Toddlers are full of energy... give them a wonderful tool that will please you both, a toddler toy shopping cart!

A toy shopping cart is a great way to provide heavy work and proprioceptive input to those high energy little gremlins. The great thing about these is their use for creative fun as well as practicality!

Your toddler can use these carts at home for pretend shopping or pushing heavy "stuff" around. Or, they can take it with them to the store and keep entertained with their own special job of shopping for their own food. They WILL love it, I promise!! Pushing the toddler toy shopping cart will be fun AND provide them with the right amount of input to keep them right by your side.

I have found two great carts for your little one...they are SO real, not those cheap flimsy dollar store plastic ones, that are not going to endure the use and abuse your child will put them through. Again, we WANT them to pile as many heavy things as they can into the cart and push it around as long as they will tolerate. Have them shopping at home or at the store, and remember, cans, bottles, and books... ANYTHING heavy! This will give their sensory system the input it needs!

The importance of "heavy work" for children with sensory processing disorders is HUGE! They need it, they crave it, they can't get enough of it. The idea is to give it to them in as many creative ways as possible, as their attention span is short, their energy never ending, and their interests many.

For more creative "heavy work" activities and the importance of this type of input Click Here . After that, you will see how great a little toddler toy shopping cart will be for them. They will use it and abuse it for years.

Click on the toddler toy shopping carts below to find out more information regarding pricing and shipping. You won't regret this purchase and your child will think you are the greatest! Oh, they will be in for the time of their lives!

Enjoy shopping... no pun intended! (ok, yes there was)

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