Calm Your Child's Sensory System With Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are not just for camping and sleepovers anymore!

Kids with sensory processing disorders can greatly benefit from using sleeping bags every night in their own bed.

You see, when a child has difficulty calming their sensory system down for sleep, a firm hugging sensation on their body will help. The deep pressure, tactile input a sleeping bag gives them, will allow their nervous system to relax.

Same concept as swaddling a baby... isn't this the first thing they do to your newborn in the hospital. Why? Because the deep pressure input is soothing!

Swaddling a baby, wrapping your child up, stuffing them along with some blankets and stuffed animals inside the sleeping bag for a firm fit, is the ultimate in comfort. Sleeping bags will truly benefit kids who seem to have high energy and sensory modulation difficulties.

  • Does your child have difficulty falling asleep by themselves or need you to rub their back or head so they can?


  • Does your child jump in and out of the bed for hours every night, trying to get to sleep?


  • Does it seem like your child can never get comfortable, or that they toss and turn all night?


  • Do they shake their legs to help calm and relax them?


  • Do they suck their thumb or fingers?


  • Do they enjoy lots of stuffed animals and blankets on top of them or tucked around them?

    Then they may just be craving some extra deep pressure and relaxing tactile input. A sleeping bag for kids may be just what they need!

    There are many unique children sleeping bags to choose from, so pick the one that fits your child's personality and tactile comfort level best.

    Truthfully, it is much safer to put them inside a sleeping bag, stuffed with their favorite animals than to pile extra blankets on top of them. This way they will not be suffocated by the blankets, they can be comfortable and so can you!

    Helping children sleep in this way, is actually a wonderful trick, when all else fails (or even before it gets to that point)!

    So, pick the right one for your child. Below you will find some unique children sleeping bags to choose from.

    Help your child calm themselves down for sleep without you! You will both feel more relaxed!

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