A Water Trampoline: The Ultimate Water Toy For Pure Jumping Delight For Children And Adults Alike

Talk about bouncing fun! A water trampoline is most definitely the ultimate in water toys for proprioceptive input and pure bouncing pleasure, no matter what your age.

Do you have a pool, a house, cottage or cabin on the lake?

Do you have a child who loves to jump and bounce for hours on end?

Do YOU want to have some plain old "child-like" bouncin' fun?

Do you worry about the safety of a regular trampoline in your backyard?

Then this is the water toy for YOU! Why not complete your lake house with one this summer and enjoy some wholesome, family fun!

I understand, buying a one is a big decision to make, as it comes with a big price tag. But, I know people who are lucky enough to have them; their 3 kids, their friends, Mom and Dad, and their 6 cousins sure make that investment, money well spent!

It is also absolutely necessary to note that water trampolines are a much safer breed than the typical backyard trampoline. No hard sides, no hard ground, no springs to get caught in, no large hospital bills! Plus, water trampolines are actually a really good, fun, healthy way to keep you and your kids exercising and active! It is fulfilling, wholesome family fun.

And, of course, my main reason for recommending the use of a water trampoline (besides safety) is its incredible therapeutic benefits for anyone with a sensory processing disorder!

Here's the thing... swimming is one of the best "deep pressure" activities you can do! The evenly distributed pressure of the water over the entire body is extremely effective.

It is the ultimate in calming, relaxing input for those with tactile defensiveness or the constant "movers and shakers" in your life. Plus, while swimming, and climbing on and off the trampoline, you are receiving an awesome heavy work experience. This will surely calm and soothe any high-energy child (or adult, for that matter).

Lastly, the proprioceptive (input to the muscles and joints) and vestibular (movement) input, as well as the balance and coordination required, all make a water trampoline a well-rounded, unbelievably fun, and highly effective therapeutic sensory experience!

So, whether you use it for pure pleasure or as a therapeutic tool, a water trampoline is a terrific luxury to have! It will be well worth the investment.

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