Shouldn't All Children Have Their Own Wooden Rocking Horses?

The benefits and enjoyment children get from wooden rocking horses and rocking toys are many.

Children with sensory processing disorders / sensory integration dysfunction will particularly find a rocking horse/rocking toy useful and a necessary part of their day.

The back and forth motion of these wooden rocking horses and other rocking toys can be a great way to give your child soothing and calming input. How do we, as parents, calm our babies from the moment they are born? That's right, by rocking them.

We make sure we have a rocking chair to lull them to sleep, feed them or relax in with them from the very start. We purchase rocking baby seats, cradles and infant carriers. As soon as the child in the seat starts to cry, our gut instinct tells us to start rocking it back and forth. It is an innate sensory need our children have, and I truly do not know any parents who will not tell you rocking calms their baby.

After we are done being responsible for holding them and rocking our adorable little cherubs to sleep, wooden rocking horses can continue our work. Children absolutely love rocking toys, especially wooden rocking horses! And, I don't blame them one bit! It doesn't have to lull them to sleep, just calm and relax them, and that is precisely how they will feel when they hop on these wooden rocking horses and rocking toys. A calm/relaxed child is a great goal!

Of particular benefit, will be children with autism as they often need to rock throughout the day as a form of calming/organizing input. Why not give them an appropriate way to obtain this input?

I know, as a parent of a child with a sensory processing disorder, after the infant swing, my own two arms, and the rocking chair, came the first "big" purchase... a rocking horse. True it was just a little plastic thing, but she got years of use from it and it certainly benefited her little sensory system!

Beyond the traditional wooden rocking horses, is a whole host of rocking animals and rocking toys, with or without sounds, for your child to choose from. Think about what would excite them, what they are attracted to, what they need and check out the unique variety of rocking toys and wooden rocking horses below!

So many to choose from, you decide what is best for your little one.

Every child should have the opportunity to calm and relax their little energetic bodies with any of these wooden rocking horses. Don't you agree?

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