Beach Sand Toys: Making Playing In The Sand More Fun, More Tolerable

What child does NOT have, or need, beach sand toys? Honestly, none that I know, unless they haven't reached that age yet.

Can't you just picture the scene? Mom/Dad walking; their child or children by their side, juggling the beach balls, sand toys, beach chairs, towels, umbrella, blanket and cooler. Familiar scene right?

Really, who takes their child to the beach WITHOUT their beach sand toys? No parent I know, unless they want to go through all that work to then have their child whining that they are bored and wanting to go home. Children love, and need, to be entertained and have toys to play with at all times in order to sustain their attention and keep them happily occupied.

Let's take this a step further... I truly believe EVERY child should experience sand and water play as early and as often as possible to develop their sensory systems properly.

We all know the packing, driving, setting up, packing up, etc. will easily become
an all day affair (not to mention costly with food and parking, and unsafe with the sunburns, big surf and crowds). Oh yeah, let's not forget the fact that you may not even live near any beaches or water

Well, now it is easy to bring the beach to you! Check out children's wooden covered sandboxes and sand and water tables . These are great, safe, fun, convenient, durable, and inexpensive (long term) ways to give children a year round beach experience. 

Now that you have the basics, we need one more thing...beach sand toys and/or sand toys for the sandbox!

Children with tactile defensiveness or Sensory Processing Disorder / Sensory Integration Dysfunction will NEED to have the right kind of beach sand toys to help them tolerate and use sand play effectively. For children with tactile defensiveness and/or high energy levels who need heavy work experiences, the more they dig, move around, push or pull, the more input they will get.

All of these toys encourage tactile input and/or heavy work input through sand play. Your kids will love them! Use these beach sand toys for any home, school, or day care. (The smaller toys are great for sand and water tables too!)

They WILL get a phenomenal amount of use and children will get the sensory experiences they NEED for proper sensory development.

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