A Children's Wooden Covered Sandbox: The Best In Quality, Durability, And Practicality

If you want a REAL sandbox, then a children's wooden covered sandbox with benches is the best you can get!

I remember as a kid, my dad had built a homemade wooden sandbox with benches and covered it with a piece of plywood. There were four children in our family and it was not only big enough for all four of us, but it got an infinite number of hours of use and lasted through 15 years of use of abuse. A wooden covered sandbox was an awesome "toy" to have!

My point is, if you want the best in quality, durability, and practicality, then a children's wooden covered sandbox with benches is the ONE to have! The wood makes it incredibly durable and the benches, as well as cover, make it the ultimate in practicality. It is really not that fun for you or your child to be picked up and have 1/2 of the sandbox pour out of their shorts! If they could sit on a bench while playing, this just wouldn't happen.

The children's wooden covered sandbox with benches also allow more children to play at the same time; and we all know how important cooperative play is for proper social development.

Additionally, a children's wooden covered sandbox with benches offers a unique opportunity for children with tactile defensiveness to have a more gradual introduction to the feel of the sand. This, in turn, will help them develop a tolerance over time to this type of sensory experience.

As mentioned on various other pages within this site, children with sensory processing disorders often avoid playing with sand. It truly CAN make them VERY uncomfortable as the sand sticks to their legs, feet, arms, and hands. To them it WILL feel like having the coarsest sandpaper being rubbed all over their body! Therefore, sandboxes with benches will help them increase their opportunities to play AT THEIR COMFORT LEVEL.

Having a children's wooden covered sandbox will also make for practicality and convenience. When your child is ready to play, just take the cover off, which has kept the sand protected from animals, leaves and debris and it is ready for them.

No additional cleaning, no hassles... just ready to use. This will allow for much less maintenance and reduced cost in the long run, since you do not have to keep buying new sand!

If you have more than one child, have a child with tactile defensiveness, and/or want the best in sandboxes, then a children's wooden covered sandbox is going to be a fantastic investment!

Check out these great sandboxes below. You won't be disappointed with your purchase. They are the best I've found so far. Just click on any picture for more details... 

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