Bubble Columns Provide Dazzling Colors & Tranquil Bubbles... A Great Way To Develop The Visual System

Bubble columns are usually the first thing anyone notices when they first walk into a sensory room. Everyone is fascinated by the wide array of colors and the calming effect.

For children with SPD, watching one of these columns provides a tracking activity that can help improve visual development. By watching the tube while keeping the head still, children as well as special needs adults can improve their spatial awareness and visual tracking.

Most bubble tubes have an amazing array of vivid colors and a range of different patterns of color change to choose from. You can even add in ping pong balls or fish for further visual effect. Some tubes even vibrate, which gives the added benefit of tactile stimulation.

Interactive columns are controlled by either a hold socket or a color controller. This allows the user to completely control the color options. Some bubble tubes can even respond to vocalizations and sounds with a built in microphone. This helps develop communications skills in addition to the tactile and visual development.

Some great therapeutic benefits of staring at a bubble tube include:

  • strengthening visual motor integration
  • improve visual motor skills
  • improve the ability to shift gaze quickly


    If the budget will allow for it, a bubble column makes a great addition to anyone's home sensory room!

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