Give Your Child That "Jolly Jumpin' Feeling"With Jumper Toys For Baby

Jumper toys for baby have been around for decades! I have actual slides from when I was a kid in my "jolly jumper", as it was called then (boy, am I showing my age!).

What baby doesn't love that bouncing freedom? And, of course, what parent doesn't absolutely adore watching their baby jumping and laughing their little heart out?

Thankfully, baby jumper toys are more advanced now. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are doorway jumper toys for baby, bungee jumpers, jumper toys with safety coated springs and actual jumping seats! Jumper toys of today also come with all kinds of extras... lights, sounds, snack trays, mirrors, bright colors etc. (Mine was NOTHING like that!)

Of course, jumping activities for babies are a great way to build muscles and gross motor skills. But, did you know it is also a great way to give, what we in world of sensory integration theory like to call, vestibular and proprioceptive input to a baby. Jumper toys for baby are important to expose little ones to, so proper neurological development can happen.

Although jumper toys for baby are made for the youngest of children and you may not even see obvious signs of major Sensory Processing Disorders yet, it is a fantastically fun toy to use to prevent any future difficulties in processing input from the vestibular or proprioceptive sense!

If your child is already exhibiting signs of a sensory processing disorder of the vestibular sense, they will absolutely abhor these jumping toys. They will not want to bounce or allow their feet to leave the floor. They may scream and cry when you put them in it. If this is true for your child, check the Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist for other signs of vestibular dysfunction.

If your child is, what may appear to be "overactive", then jumper toys for baby will be just what these little bundles of energy need! If your child seems to have way more energy than most, and particularly can't seem to get enough banging, bouncing, crashing, or jumping, then check The sensory processing disorder checklist for signs of proprioceptive dysfunction.

Regardless of the reason; whether you are looking for baby to tolerate this type of input, you want them to have a proper outlet for their energy, or you want to give baby some plain old jumping and bouncing fun... these jumpers are the ultimate in fun (for you and baby, actually).

So, get those video cameras rolling... precious moments you don't ever want to forget!

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