Jumpin' Jumpolene! A Safer Alternative To Trampolines

Tired of your kids wanting to jump on your bed or couch?

A Jumpolene is a practical, safe, and inexpensive alternative for your children to bounce themselves silly. It is an round inflatable bouncer for children ages 3-6 which can be used anywhere, inside or out.

Since it measures 7 feet in diameter, and 28 inches in height, it may be small enough to fit in a play room in your house.

One of the greatest features of the Jump o lene is its high inflatable walls, making it incredibly safe (safer than your bed for sure!)

The Jump o lene is lightweight and easily transportable. On the nice spring and summer days, you could put it outside. If it is cold or rainy, your kids can still jump inside... versatility, how nice!

Your children will be safer using this alternative trampoline as the walls protect them, so there is no falling off or hitting dangerous metal sides like a regular trampoline.

Children with sensory processing disorders simply can't get enough jumping!. THEY CRAVE IT, THEY NEED IT! Children with autism are also particularly drawn to, and benefit greatly from, frequent jumping and bouncing on something such as a Jumpolene.

It is a great way to provide your child with special sensory needs an outlet for their energy, a safe place to jump, and give them the proprioceptive input they crave!

More sensory benefits...

The Jump o lene can also double as a ball pit or a place to decompress if filled with soft pillows, weighted blankets, and/or soothing sensory toys or music.

Be creative and its versatility will be well worth the cost.

In addition, a Jumpolene is a great way to give children a safe and fun way to develop necessary gross motor, balance, and motor planning skills. They'll never even know they are challenging their bodies to learn and improve these skills!

Give your child a fun, safe way to jump to their hearts content. They will love it, you will love it, your doctor will love it, and so will your mattress!


Having owned one myself, I would personally advise putting it inside your house if at all possible to prevent weather damage and dirt from accumulating.

Also, although safe, the ages of the child using this makes adult supervision HIGHLY recommended.

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